Trudrop System


Introducing our revolutionary TruDrop self-watering system
that makes container gardening all pleasure and little effort.

Technology inspired
by nature.

Technology inspired by nature.

No Fear Container Gardening

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gardener, container gardening provides an easy option to bring color, edibles, and greenery to any environment.  In a container garden you can control the soil content, the feeding, the watering and the sun exposure in a way you cannot out in the garden.  But as the saying somewhat goes, with great control comes great responsibility, and remembering all the “how to’s” of being responsible for container gardening care can sometimes be a little daunting. We wanted to take a lot of the fear of failure out of container gardening care by adding helpful function to our product…

We began by joining forces with Four Star Greenhouse, the #1 supplier of Proven Winners plants and products worldwide, who provided us with the experience and knowledge of how plants grow best. With their input on both understanding plant needs and how to communicate those needs easily to plant care providers, we created a system that is simple to use. We were able to incorporate this system with our trusted double-walled rotational molded decorative planters to create a functional self-watering system completely contained within an attractive, sturdy, lightweight planter. With the introduction of the TruDrop system in the Dot planter comes a new era of container gardening. The Dot planter comes all one piece, it has a water gauge that can be easily read to indicate levels of water in the reservoir and which lays flush on the rim so there are no parts that can be easily broken off, it has a system that works outdoors as well as indoors by including an overflow valve for outdoor planter placement and a quick-coupler to connect to a hose when indoor planters need to be drained. Most importantly, the unique design of our capillary action watering allows you to save on water, fertilizer, and produces healthier plants by watering and feeding where the life-supporting roots are growing. By reading the water gauge on the planter, even the novice gardener can grow without fearfully thinking, “How will I know when to water?!” With our TruDrop system Dot planter, beauty meets function and makes container growing a whole lot easier.


Like our traditional Crescent Garden planters, the planter shell has a 10 year limited warranty against cracking or fading, making it ideal for any weather.

Environmentally responsible

With up to 50% less water usage than traditional containers, no fertilizer run-off, 100% recyclable and food safe material, TruDrop protects your plants and the environment.

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